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GEEO Automotive China (优华劳斯汽车) is a global automotive engineering service provider (American-Chinese) which offers vehicle engineering, show car design & build, and prototype fabrication services to automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

The GEEO’s Technical Center with total building area over 50,000 square meters is strategically located in the core R&D area of Shanghai International Auto City, next to several major OEMs, such as Volkswagen, NIO, Li Xiang, Ford, Geely, GM, BMW and numerous global top 500 suppliers.

GEEO Automotive has been operating in China for over 17 years, and has grown into a leading R&D provider for the Chinese automotive industry. The company established a teaming partnership with ROUSH Engineering, the largest independent engineering service provider in North America.

Through the integration of global resources, an overall strategy has been formed: automotive R&D as the mainstay, upstream and downstream investment as the guide, core parts manufacturing as the support, and OEM retrofit as the breakthrough.

GEEO Automotive (China) is looking for engineers from Poland for the following positions in China:

  1. NVH Analysis Engineer

Responsibilities: modeling, analysis and optimization of project body-in-white, open and closed parts, steering, power, chassis and other subsystems and components.

  • model building, analysis, problem diagnosis and optimization of the complete body and vehicle of the project;
  • simulation analysis and test benchmarking data processing.


  • skilled in using: HyperWorks/ANSA for pre and post processing; Opitstruct solver for analysis;
  • NVHD for problem diagnosis and optimization and ability to build TB and chassis, whole vehicle, and ability to analyze TB and whole vehicle;
  • English is an essential;
  • readiness to relocate and develop career in China.

  1. Engineers (CFD)

Responsibilities: ability to complete wind noise performance related data check, CAS data check and DMU check of the whole vehicle data.

  • complete wind noise related simulation (wind noise, wind vibration, air conditioning wind noise, door deformation and dynamic sealing) analysis and optimization work.


  • proficiency in using analysis software such as VAONE, STARCCM+, HYPERMESH or ANSA;
  • experience in wind noise optimization for at least 2 models;
  • ability to work under the strong pressure;
  • English is an essential;
  • readiness to relocate and develop career in China.

  1. Crash Safety Analysis Engineer


  • application of ANSA software for whole vehicle model building;
  • structural crashworthiness simulation analysis, including C-NCAP, C-IASI, national standard item working condition analysis.
  • propose improvement suggestions and write simulation analysis reports.


  • proficiency in application of ANSA pre-processing software.
  • familiar with the whole vehicle structure, the structure of each subsystem;
  • good knowledge of the element theory and project experience enabling to complete the whole vehicle crash safety analysis independently;
  • experience in vehicle crash analysis project enabling to make reasonable interpretation of analysis results and propose optimization direction.
  • English is an essential;
  • readiness to relocate and develop career in China.


  1. Seat Engineer (FEA)

Responsibilities: To communicate with design engineers and be responsible for rigid strength and crash performance analysis in seating related projects


  • 5 years of experience in seat subsystem stiffness and crash performance analysis;
  • ability to use HyperMesh application LsDyna for seat subsystem stiffness and crash performance;
  • ability to use Primer application for seat analysis at the same time is preferred;
  • experience in project development of OEM or T1 supplier, very familiar with various working conditions of seats;
  • English is an essential;
  • readiness to relocate and develop career in China.

GEEO Automotive (China) is also looking for engineers with industry and automotive experience for its projects in China for major multinationals in the field, including Volkswagen, BMW, GM, or domestic SAIC, Geely, Nio, BYD, FAW:

      • Engineer (Undercarriage Layout)
      • Interior Data Engineer
      • Engineer (Dimensions) Structural Optimization CAE Engineer
      • Seat Engineer
      • CFD Engineer
      • Exterior Data Engineer
      • Exterior Decoration DRE
      • Open and Close Piece Engineer – Two Covers
      • Opening and Closing Engineer – DoorBody DRE
      • Chassis Performance Engineer
      • Maintainability Development Engineer
      • Upper Body Integration Engineer
      • Network Test Engineer

GEEO Automotive (China) is interested in establishing cooperation with companies in Poland offering similar services to GEEO in the production of (especially) electric and smart cars. It is currently working with companies in Germany.

If you are interested, please contact us

  • e-mail: azliang@chinamail.com
  • skype: zawadzki-liang

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